Stop Waste! No Need to buy Carbon Credits, just be Authentic!

Vicki Bailey

At Kahuku we dislike the way companies claim "zero waste" or similar claims by simply buying carbon credits.

We designed our packaging without plastic, just biodegradable cardboard, of the thinnest gram in order that it break down as quickly as possible.

We have a half box with a small sleeve, again, the least amount of cardboard.

It folds together origami style so that we don't use glue. Labour intensive yes, biodegradable 100%.

It enables our soaps to be handled, picked up and smelled without being touched, and it's a really smart box if the soap is being gifted.

We use paper mailer bags or boxes - no plastic courier bags.

And we try to buy all our ingredients in packaging that we can reuse in our processes so they aren't just being thrown out.

No carbon credits needed. Real recycling! Real sustainability! Real Zero Waste!…