Creamy, moisturising, and most of all, an effective hand cleanser. Frequent handwashing does not create skin issues, our nourishing formula softens and moisturises hands. Skin doesn't dry out! Ditch the bottle AND the hand moisturiser!

Made from plant originating oils and essential oils, with a lovely scent of lemony citrus or choose plain unscented if you have allergies, or prefer to create your own bland. We recommend the essential oil added is no more than 1% of the total liquid soap.  We do not recommend synthetic fragrance oils as they may cause the soap to separate. 

This is a true castile style soap made the old fashioned way!

We have multiple bottles options including glass and stainless steel, with and without dispenser pumps. 

The stainless steel will last forever without fear of breaking, retaining it's elegance and beauty, and when you are done, you can return to us for a store credit.

The glass is also able to be returned to us for store credit.

At the end of our bottle's life, they are 100% recyclable.

We do not use any synthetic detergent agents, fillers, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fragrance oils, or other scientifically proven and well recognised synthetic ingredients known as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins or immunotoxins.  

We recognise any ingredient used in any product can however be an irritant, allergen, or cause problems for some people, and we suggest when changing to any product, ours or otherwise, caution is used.

Our products are safe on the environment and in septic systems. 

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T&C's for Bottle Returns

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