Fabric Softener gently softens your clothes, without leaving residues that will make you itch and scratch.

Lightly scented with Lemon for fresh fragrance.

Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, nothing to irritate your skin.

We do not use any synthetic detergent agents, fillers, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fragrance oils, or other scientifically proven and well recognised synthetic ingredients known as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins or immunotoxins.

We recognise any ingredient used in any product can however be an irritant, allergen, or cause problems for some people, and we suggest when changing to any product, ours or otherwise, caution is used.

Our products are safe on the environment and in septic systems.

The 450g brushed stainless steel bottle will look gorgeous on any bathroom vanity.  It comes with a stainless steel pump.

Other sizes available:  1 and 2 Litre refill bottles, brushed stainless steel to refill either this stainless steel pump bottle or your own bottles.

The stainless steel bottles will last forever without fear of breaking, retaining their elegance and beauty, and when you are done, it will be 100% recyclable (you can return to us or take to your metal recyclers).

It costs a little bit more to buy the bottles, but once you replace the bottles in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with our Zero.Refill bottles, you will never buy another bottle again!

We are constantly researching and staying informed to ensure our products continue to meet the highest health and safety protocols, and also do the job they are intended to do - properly!

Trusted international resources such as EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetic Database keep us up to date.

There are continual studies being done around ingredients.  Used properly, in recommended quantities, essential oils are safe and non irritant. We use only the highest grade food oils cold pressed directly from plants, and essential oils, mostly organic, and never fragrance oils or synthetic lab derived “natural” ingredients.

See the tab "Which Bottle" to decide what you need.

Please read T&C's tab before buying refill bottles.

"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi