Kahuku (Māori Language)
1. (noun) monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus - Aotearoa/New Zealand's largest butterfly. Spends two weeks as a caterpillar, two weeks as a chrysalis and two months as a butterfly.
The metamorphosis of Kahuku is complete.
Our beautiful natural, plant based products for health, wellness, and beauty are have been years in the making, developing beautiful fragrances, colours and sourcing the best natural ingredients and packaging.
Our artisan products are made almost entirely from plant based products. Each product is infused with a generous portion of love, and designed for Mind Body & Soul.
Our holistic approach to our beauty products ensure they are not only beautiful with the most heavenly fragrances (completely essential oil based) but showcase an array of divine colours (completely plant based). The recipes are concocted with everyday life stress and health concerns in mind, and designed to support you through your journey.
The products are packaged in eco friendly packaging, reducing waste and ensuring all packaging is biodegradable.
Kahuku has been a dream of ours for more than 25 years. As our wings unfold and we gather strength to begin our dancing flight through the beautiful gardens of the future we will add more of our gorgeous products to enhance your own journey embracing Mind, Body & Soul.
With Love
The Team at Kahuku