We are here to drive change in the soap and cleaning industry!

Kahuku was founded on the principals of environment, sustainability, and organic natural products minus the greenwashing.

Every product is formulated by our team of experts, from vegan, palm oil free and biodegradable ingredients.

Every piece of packaging is made from not only recyclable materials, but in terms of our liquid products, all bottles are reusable - by us!

This means our products are unbelievably kind to the environment, your skin and body, your valuable kitchen and bathroom surfaces, the waterways and fishes in the sea, and your septic system. Ethical and environmentally mindful products.

We don't buy carbon credits so we can claim carbon neutrality.  Instead, when we design a product, we focus on the ingredients, the packaging, the processes, and how we can reduce the impact of the product in it's entirety, for the duration of it's life cycle on the environment.  And we find a way to make sure this impact is as little as possible - without settling for mediocrity or following in the footsteps of our competitors.

And we want this to be affordable. 

We are leading the pack, and our comparatively small company is being copied by much bigger corporates!  We were the first company in New Zealand to:

  • offer return packaging for refill online
  • to offer bulk refill containers which the refill stockists could return for refill
  • to offer a refill container which was NOT plastic
  • to offer a point of use bottle which was not glass or plastic (our stainless steel bottles - now copied in the form of cheaper aluminium)
  • to reward customers for returning packaging and pay for the return of the packaging
  • to offer commercially scaled Organic Soaps & Cleaners which are Palm Oil Free, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPD) Free, Borax Free, and able to be refilled

Kicking goals!

And this is our mandate, our mission.  We are here to challenge the industry and ensure it cleans up it's act!

No greenwashing.  Ever.