"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi 

At Kahuku Natural Zero Waste is really important to us. 

Now from the comfort of home, you can purchase your refill bottles, fill up your trigger and pump bottles at home with our stunning plant originating ingredient liquid soaps, shampoos, pet shampoos, and household cleaners. Return the bottles to us free of charge, and we clean, sterilise and reuse them! 


We believe there is no easy solution to packaging, everything has a trade off, whether it be a higher upfront carbon footprint for a longer life cycle and lower overall footprint, or a lower upfront footprint with shorter life, and non biodegradable or reusable end life.

We have chosen a higher upfront, long life cycle, and 100% reusable option using stainless steel.

Once you replace the bottles in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry with Kahuku Zero.Refill bottles, you won't buy bottles again for life*

In addition to our bottles we design our packaging boxes to be able to withstand repeated use, and when they cannot handle any more, they are biodegradable. We use paper tape, paper labels.

We accept stainless steel does not have the lowest footprint upfront. It is however the most sustainable overall in that is facilitates a fully circular economy. One which functions more like a natural ecosystem in terms of nothing is ever wasted. 

The reuse and eventual recycling of our bottles also creates jobs.  

Zero.Refill contains Kahuku Natural's liquid soaps, shampoos, dog shampoos, and cleaners.

All of our products are made with vegan ingredients, carefully sourced by us. Where possible they are certified organic, and ethically sourced.

We use only stainless steel liquid containers for our bulk refill containers, and optional stainless steel or glass for our consumer sizes.  

Our outer packaging and cushioning is biodegradable paper packaging. Absolutely no plastic!

Our products are cruelty free as certified by PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program, use only plant powders for colouring, essential oils for scent, and completely biodegradable. We use only food grade plant oils for the base ingredients. Our products are saponified using centuries old methods with lye formulated by us, and carefully tested to ensure end user safety.

We do not use synthetic preservatives or other synthetic ingredients. 

We do not use Palm Oil, or any derivatives.

So how does Kahuku's Zero.Refill program work?

In a nutshell, buy our refill bottles, fill your own at home. When the bottles are empty, return to us (free of charge), and buy more!  Easy As!

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Infinitely Recyclable & Reusable

Infinitely Recyclable/Reusable however often downcycled into roading aggregate or landfilled due to recycling system limitations and contamination

Can only be down cycled approx 7 times before can no longer be recycled or used and becomes landfill



Energy Intensive to produce

Energy Intensive to produce

Less energy intensive to produce but uses finite petroleum resources



Reasonably light to transport

3x weight of stainless steel to transport

Lightest material to transport



An average stainless steel object is composed of about 60% recycled material. Approximately 90% of end-of-life stainless steel is collected and recycled into new products

Whilst very recyclable, only approximately 25% of glass is actually recycled

Approximately 91% of all plastic made, has never been recycled. End of life ultimately most plastic ends up in landfill



Non toxic if ends up in landfill. Can always be recycled. Won’t end up in tiny pieces inside animals

Non toxic if ends up in landfill. Can still possibly be recycled. Is very hazardous to humans and animals when broken

PET will never decompose. Becomes toxic in landfill. Breaks into tiny micro plastic which ends up in soil, inside animals and sea life



Won’t ever break if dropped during transportation

Will break if dropped, and very fragile to transport requiring more packaging

Doesn’t break when dropped but may still split or lose structural integrity



 *We give the bottles a 10 year life.  Does not include the pump or trigger.