"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi 

We didn't always waste.  Products used to be made to a higher standard, to be reused over and over. We used to buy food by the ounce, not in pre-packaged plastic. Today, not only do we buy more than we need, but we throw it away.

This modern culture has had the unintended consequence of creating a mountain of rubbish in every country in the world. We are trying to figure out ways to recycle, but we aren't there yet. And even if we were, recycling alone is not the answer. Wouldn't it be better to reuse something than use up more energy and resources to create another version of a bottle for example?

In a circular system, packaging gets used over and over. And that's what happens with Zero Soaps & Cleaners packaging.

There is no easy solution to packaging, everything has a trade off, whether it be a higher upfront carbon footprint for a longer life cycle and lower overall footprint, or a lower upfront footprint with shorter life, and non biodegradable or reusable end life.

So just because you don't have a refillery nearby, or it's closed during Lockdowns or after hours when you have time to shop, you can now "refill from home". 

Shop online for your refill bottles of soaps and cleaners. Our packaging is either kept by you, or used over and over by us, because you send it back to us (freight paid by us).  This isn't recycled, or remade - it's just reused - the only process required is sterilising the bottles which we do.  

Once you replace the bottles in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry with Zero Soaps & Cleaners Forever Bottles™ (our stainless steel bottles), you won't buy bottles again for life* or if you use our glass option, you will never put a plastic bottle into landfill, wish cycling or contribute to plastic pollution!

Our Silicone Loop Bottles are used to refill your point of use bottles at home, and then sent back to us - these are super clever... see the details here. 

And when they can't be used any more, we have a contract with Terracycle who will take them off our hands and make them into new stuff!  A complete and thorough closed loop system, with end of life solution.  No greenwashing, and no carbon credits required!

In addition to our bottles we design our packaging boxes to be able to withstand repeated use, and when they cannot handle any more, they are biodegradable. No plastic packaging!

Refill, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

*We give the stainless steel bottles a 10 year life.  Does not include the pump or trigger.