Cinnamon Bark

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Plant Extracted from: Bark

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Bark acts as a reviving tonic to the body and mind. Its familiar spicy aroma and stimulating nature is perfect to revitalise and clear stagnation.



Skin: Can be an irritant

Body: Cinnamon Bark is recommended for cold, congested and weakened states. It stimulates digestive processes, aiding digestion and calming bloating and digestive discomfort. It is highly antiseptic and makes a powerful inhalation during chills, coughs and colds. Cinnamon Bark is also used to ease muscle and joint aches, reviving a tired devitalised body.

Mind: Cinnamon Bark helps boost vitality and mood during times of nervous exhaustion or debility. It promotes a sense of wellbeing and vigour