What is Soap?

Soap (noun)

A substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali and typically having perfume and colouring added

So if it doesn't have these things - it ain't soap!  Anything else is a detergent bar!


What is Lye and I have heard it's not good for you?

All proper Soaps are made using Sodium Hydroxide. This saponifies during the process with the oils and water and by the time your soap is a hard bar the Sodium Hydroxide has evaporated from the soap.

Another name for the combination of Sodium Hydroxide and Water is called Lye.

A soap made without lye is made with either animal products like Tallow or a combination of detergents, surfactants and emollients from laboratory produced synthetics.  Kahuku Products are free from animal products, detergents, and synthetically produced ingredients.

Soap made without lye is a "lie"!

Sodium Hydroxide on it's own is a dangerous substance. However, it is actually a food grade product. It is used in some curing processes and to give some foods crunch, like Pretzels. You can verify these facts here 


Essential Oils vs Fragrances

Essential Oils are natural oils extracted from plants by distillation and have characteristics and scents from the plants which can have therapeutic values. 

Each oil has it's own properties and effects.

Aside from smelling nice, essential oils are 100% plant based.

Do not confuse Essential Oils with "Essential Oil Blends".

Fragrances are can often be a mask for other substances and this lack of disclosure can hide what are actually preservatives and other chemicals. Some of these fragrances are linked to serious health concerns and you have no way of knowing. 

Fragrances will also be listed as perfume, parfum, essential oil blend, aroma.

Fragrances can be derived from petroleum, contain solvents, stabilisers and other synthetic substances.


Dyes vs Plant Based Colourants

If a soap is bright in colour, generally speaking it will be coloured using a dye, pigment, oxide, mica or other chemical based colourants. 

Kahuku uses plant powders from the roots of plants infused in oil, or clays.  Our colourants are 100% plant based.

The dangers of other colourants are significant, even food colourants. The two most widely used colourants (Yellow 5, Red 40) are compounds containing benzidine and 4-aminobiphenyl, both of which are linked with cancer. Research shows other colourants are associated with allergies, hyperactivity, learning impairments. 

Micas and Pigments are obtained using mining and child and slave labour.


My Soap is labelled "Natural" - surely that's ok?

There is no legal definition of "natural". 

Soap and cleaners can contain aluminium, formaldehyde (hidden under different names), butyl, propyl parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, toluene and many other substances and still be labelled "natural" or "eco friendly"

We do not carry any "natural" certifications as all of these certifications are not only extremely expensive (not the issue) but allow products which by our definition are not natural and therefore make a mockery of the label.

Kahuku's definition of natural is:

Directly extracted from or is the plant eg olive oil, nettle leaves

Has no alteration in a lab

Could be found in your pantry and food

Are Kahuku's products Vegan or Animal Tested?

Yes and NO!  Yes, our products are 100% Vegan.  And NO, we will never test, or allow third party testing on animals.

In order to sell in some countries including China, products must be animal tested. There are companies selling their products in using the Beauty Without Bunnies logo and claiming no animal testing. However, somewhere along the way, someone is animal testing the product if it is sold in China.  Check out where the product is sold - if the company sells it in China, then it is animal tested.  

Kahuku categorically rejects this, these companies know their products are tested at some point, and yet are happy to claim this status.