Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Plant Extracted from: Dried Root

Country of Origin: South East Asia

Ginger has been used since ancient times and remains a favourite for many during colder months or any condition where coldness or a contracted state predominates, due to its warming tonic properties.


Body: As an inhalation Ginger essential oil helps ease nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. It can be diffused or used as an inhalation to support immune defences and ease coughs and respiratory congestion (especially indicated when chills and fatigue are also present). Applied in a compress or massage oil it warms and eases stiff, tired or sore joints and muscles and stimulates circulation to cold extremities. Massaged onto the abdomen it can also help ease menstrual and digestive spasms and stimulate digestion.

Mind: Ginger is a stimulating oil to help reinvigorate when feeling flat, emotionally cold or lacking energy. It is grounding and helps strengthen the mind, restoring motivation, confidence and vigour. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and may be of use when feeling indifferent, cold or lethargic.