Zero Refill Program

How it Works

Go to our Liquid Soaps product page order your liquid soaps, shampoos and household cleaners.  

You will select the bottle type you want and the price will adjust automatically.

You can choose glass or stainless steel bottles, and options of caps, pumps or triggers.

If you have bottles to return, you can enter the details as prompted in the box at checkout.

Your order will be delivered by our sustainable courier partners NZ Post in our refillable stainless steel bottles, packed in our specially made reusable box along with a pre paid courier ticket if you have bottles to return.


When your parcel arrives, start enjoying truly plant based natural soaps and cleaners - experience the difference!

If you are returning bottles, package them up in the box, apply the label and either ring NZ Post or go online and order a pick up, or take the box to your NZ Post shop - you pay nothing!  You need to save up and fill a whole box containing 9 bottles - this is the most economical size for return.

You will receive a store credit by email when we receive the bottles.

Place your new order, using your store credit.

We then clean and sterilise the bottles you returned, and refill them ready for the next customer!

A closed loop 100% sustainable option all from the comfort of home!

Zero Waste... Zero Refill