Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Jasminum officinale

Plant Extracted from: Flowers

Country of Origin: India

Jasmine is one of the most expensive oils, considered a real luxury. It promotes euphoria and is a warming oil.



Skin: Jasmine is a favourite for skin care, especially for dry or irritated skin. A nice choice for those whose skin condition is affecting their mood and confidence.

Body: Jasmine is a valuable oil for post-natal recovery, and is helpful for menstrual spasms. Jasmine’s positive effect on the emotions means it can help with many physical conditions that are associated with emotional problems and nervous conditions.

Mind: Jasmine oil works primarily on the emotional level, having both a calming and uplifiting effect on the nervous system. Its euphoric fragrance is wonderful for a low mood, restoring optimism and confidence, and helping to release emotional blocks. Often used as an aphrodisiac, to clear inhibitions and indifference, and encourage a warm relaxed state for both men and women.