Kahuku is lovingly created by myself and my wonderful husband Andrew.

I have had an interest in nature from an early age, and as a hobby started raising butterflies, hence the connection to Kahuku.

In the late 90's I started studying as an adult student in the field of Natural Therapies, Aromatherapy and other complementary modalities and completed multiple advanced Diplomas after nearly 5 years studying full time in the 2000's.

Unfortunately, timing wasn't right and I continued with a corporate career in senior company management.

In more recent years I turned our lives upside down and we quit what were successful corporate careers, albeit soul destroying, city life and pursued a gorgeous life in the country, surrounding ourselves with animals, plants, and serenity, aiming for the "good life".

This saw a return to my formulations and embracing the natural therapies and integrating this back into a wellness program for our family.  

As a natural progression I decided to share these and create our beautiful beauty cleansing brand of products Kahuku Natural.

Andrew has supported this journey and brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing, print and more recently logistics and has been my go to with the packaging, and image of the product and brand.

It is really important to us both to give back more to this Earth than we take from it. This is how we live our lives, and so everything we do with Kahuku keeps this at the forefront of our minds.

We don't just pay lip service to our goals or do things like buy carbon credits so we can be "zero waste".  We hold our suppliers accountable, and we examine every part of our supply chain, our manufacture right through to the consumer experience.  And we continue to grow and improve, the journey will never end.

We hope you enjoy our product and your support helps us continue our mission.

Vicki Bailey

PS: Roxy Dog features in these photos and is the inspiration for our dog shampoos and formulations.


Vicki, Andrew & Roxy Dog


(A typical Summer's Day's crop!)