Kahuku Natural was created by husband and wife team for over 30 years, Vicki & Andrew Bailey.

Vicki has had an interest from a young age in nature, herbal medicine, and plants for a purpose from an early age, and as a hobby started raising butterflies, hence the connection to the Māori word for Monarch Butterfly - Kahuku.

She went on to tertiary study for a number of years full time in both in New Zealand and overseas in Natural Therapies and how to use Essential Oils, Herbs and formulate.

Andrew is the marketing guru for the business with many years in print management.

It is really important to both Vicki & Andrew to give back more to this Earth than they take from it. This is how they live their lives, and so everything is done at Kahuku with this at the forefront of minds.

Kahuku doesn't just pay lip service to goals or do things like buy carbon credits so it can be "zero waste" or "carbon neutral".  Kahuku holds  suppliers accountable, and examines every part of it's supply chain, it's manufacture, right through to the consumer experience.  And it continues to grow and improve, the journey will never end.

We at Kahuku, hope you enjoy our product and your support helps us continue our mission.

Vicki & Andrew Bailey

PS: Roxy Dog features in these photos and is the inspiration for our dog shampoos and formulations.


Vicki, Andrew & Roxy Dog