Kahuku Natural is committed to social and environmental responsibility and using sustainable practices to reduce our footprint and impact on our Earth and each other.

  • Suppliers selected carefully supporting local businesses
  • Ingredients selected which are not derived from mining, deforestation, or employ unsavory practices such as forced or child labour.
  • All water used is rain water harvested, and treated so that is it pure and safe
  • Ingredient containers from suppliers are reused and suppliers chosen on their ability to reuse containers or supply in biodegradable packaging
  • We use only plant based ingredients.  No synthetics, no chemicals, no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colourants.  We do not use Palm Oil and similar products, the harvesting of which causes deforestation.  
  • We do not use Micas and Pigments, the extraction of which destroys the Earth through mining, and takes freedom away from children and adults whom are enslaved to provide this material so you can have pretty colours!
  • Our packaging is cardboard with no plastic, and designed to be minimalistic for our hard products.  Our liquid products are packaged in glass or aluminium bottles which can be recycled. You can do this yourself or return to us.

We constantly continue to look for ways we can improve.  Our carbon neutrality is not based on buying carbon credits or offsetting in any way - it is based on doing things right at the outset!

We leave this Earth in a better way than it is today.