Petitgrain Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium spp amara

Plant Extracted from: Leaves

Country of Origin: Paraguay

From the same Bitter Orange Tree as Neroli, except it is made from the leaves rather than the blossoms so has a more woody green scent. 

One of the most effective relaxant and restorative essential oils, Petitgrain calms the mind and the body. 



Skin: Petitgrain is a beautiful oil to condition all skin types and is particularly suited to sensitive, mature, dry or irritated skin. It is recommended for broken capillaries and redness, and helps stimulate skin regeneration and protect against or soften scars and stretch marks.

Body: The calming action of Petitgrain can be used to ease digestive spasms and irritability, especially when associated with nervous tension and worry. In fact any complaints brought on by nervous tension or highly emotional states are likely to be soothed by Petitgrain.

Mind: A supreme oil for the mind and spirit, Petitgrain is extremely calming and brings about a sense of peace and tranquillity. Great to use for anxiousness and panic, low mood, nervous tension, sleeplessness and emotional trauma or hysteria.