Kahuku is committed to keeping our shipping costs as low as we can.

We are further committed to the environment, waste, and sustainability.  This means we will not use courier bags, plastic wrap or cushioning, tape or any other non biodegradable product. 

Our shipping costs are flat across all New Zealand as follows:

Bars of Soap

Small Soap Box (1 Bar Soap)                                     $5

Medium Soap Box (2-12 Bars Soap)                          $6

Large Soap Box (13-24 Bars Soap)                            $9

Liquid Soap

1-2 Bottles     North Island   $10    South Island    $15

3-4 Bottles     North Island   $15    South Island    $25

5+ Bottles      North Island   $25    South Island    $40

No charge for returning the Zero.Refill bottles!

When ordering, we ask you to try to reduce the footprint created by shipping, and order multiple items.