Our bottles are used over and over and therefore may not be in pristine new condition.

If we recognise you are a first time buyer you will always get a brand new bottle. 

All will be fully functional without cracks, chips etc, and are sterilised and safe to use. Our 500ml and 1L glass bottles are also used multiple times, although do not show the wear and tear.

When returning refill bottles to us:

You will enter the details at the check out page when you make your new purchase. We can then send out boxes and return paid courier tickets with your new order.  Credits will be applied on return of the bottles and you can use it forward on your next purchase.

1. Bottles must be returned in usable condition for full credit. Minor scratches, or dents which do not affect integrity of the bottle are acceptable. Glass bottles must not be chipped or cracked.

2. Bottles must be returned with their caps. You keep any pumps or triggers.

3. Please rinse out the bottles before returning.

4. Please use the box the bottles were sent to you in. This lowers the environmental impact and footprint of this service. 


Stainless Steel  $5

All Glass Bottles regardless of size receive a $0.50 credit

No cash refunds will be given.


Your stainless steel bottle can last almost a lifetime if you look after it. Our program is designed to reduce the impact of consumer goods on our Earth, and reduce landfill. Please do not dispose of these bottles in landfill. They are 100% reusable many times over, and at end of life, 100% recyclable. Please return to us for recycling or take to your local metal or glass recyclers.