Are you buying soap or a Synthetic Detergent Bar?

Many people have never used handmade soap before and haven’t really thought about what is in their soap.

You are standing at a counter with a gorgeously fragranced soap sitting there, and while the cashier prepares your purchase you pick up and smell the soaps and before you know it, hand it across to the cashier.

Your nose told  you to buy it... You didn't consider the ingredients of the soap.


Many commercially made soaps and even soaps with “natural” and other similar labels are made with chemical detergents, hardeners, synthetic lathering agents, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colouring agents and other nasty and sometimes toxic ingredients.

Some of these ingredients can be drying or irritating on the skin. On the other hand, handmade soap created with oils, liquid and lye does not contain these harsh ingredients and qualifies as proper “soap”.

In fact, many commercial products cannot quality as soap and you sill therefore not actually find that word on the label.

Kahuku Hand Made Soaps are made with skin loving oils such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and many other beautiful oils.

They do not contain Canola Oil or other cheap oils which add little value!

Added to all soaps is Vitamin E oil which is a powerful antioxidant which helps stabilise the oils in the soap and also adds rich skin healing and repair properties to the soap.

Each bar is unique.  No two batches will ever be identical.

We do not use any synthetic fragrances or colour agents.  Instead our soaps are scented with gorgeous essential oils, and coloured with plant based colourings. 

Our soaps are creamy, have great lather, and are 100% plant based.

Now we often get the question, “Isn’t homemade soap made with lye? I don’t want to put lye on my skin.” 

100% correct!

However, once lye and oils emulsify and combine they go through what’s called a “saponification process” and this turns the lye and oils into soap. 

Once this process is complete, there is no longer any lye left in the soap. 

If your soap doesn’t contain lye - it’s either a lie!  Or it isn’t “soap”.

Some of our soaps contain gorgeous milk or butters to add richness, creaminess and further skin enhancing properties.

We design our recipes to support health and well being of Mind, Body and Soul.  We alter our essential oils to consider the health benefits those oils provide, whether it be to refresh the Mind after a stressful day, nourish the skin, assist with rashes and skin irritations, calm the spirit, or simply pamper.

Kahuku Hand Made Soaps are:

  • All Natural
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Detergent Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Synthetic Colour Free
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Have Ecological Packaging

We are transparent in the ingredients that go into our products and you can see product labels on product descriptions.