Baking Soda has long been a favourite ingredient in homemade cleaners.

While our recipes are not based around this ingredient as we believe there are more effective ingredient combinations, we know some of you have your own recipes and we offer it as an alternative.

Use it in laundry powder, dishwashing powder, spray cleaners, scrubs and the list goes on! 

We package this in our paper bag packaging and we recommend you repackage in an airtight container.  Take care not to breath in the powder dust when transferring.  Check out our jars and labels if you need a container.

 Mahi - Māori word
 1. (verb) (-a,-ngia) to work

Mahi - Make @ Home Ingredients™ is a collection of individual ingredients, packs, containers and recipes to give you a non toxic cleaning regime you are in control of. 

The low toxicity, environmentally friendly, low allergen ingredients make high performance concentrated home cleaners. 

Follow our recipe guides and save money, clean your house cleaner than you have ever seen it before and be kind to you, your family and the environment!