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Soothing, moisturising and a gentle cleanse, luxuriate in our body wash suitable for all skin types.

Made from plant originating oils and essential oils, with three choices of scents including a fresh citrus (Citrus), a stunning floral (Chelsea), and a gender neutral light spice (Woodland).

We do not use any synthetic detergent agents, fillers, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fragrance oils, or other scientifically proven and well recognised synthetic ingredients known as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins or immunotoxins.  

We recognise any ingredient used in any product can however be an irritant, allergen, or cause problems for some people, and we suggest when changing to any product, ours or otherwise, caution is used.

Our products are safe on the environment and in septic systems. 

Refill your dispenser bottles from this 1 Litre brushed stainless steel bottle.

Other sizes available: 

  • 450g Stainless Steel Dispenser Bottles with either stainless pump or plastic trigger
  • 2 Litre Stainless Steel refill bottles

The stainless steel will last forever without fear of breaking, retaining it's elegance and beauty, and when you are done, it will be 100% recyclable (you can return to us or take to your metal recyclers).

It costs a little bit more to buy the bottles, but once you replace the bottles in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with our Zero.Refill bottles, you will never buy another bottle again!

See the tab "Which Bottle" to decide what you need.

Please read T&C's tab before buying refill bottles.

We are constantly researching and staying informed to ensure our products continue to meet the highest health and safety protocols, and also do the job they are intended to do - properly!

Trusted international resources such as EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetic Database keep us up to date. 

There are continual studies being done around ingredients.  Used properly, in recommended quantities, essential oils are safe and non irritant. We use only the highest grade food oils cold pressed directly from plants, and essential oils, mostly organic, and never fragrance oils or synthetic lab derived “natural” ingredients.  

"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi

All proper Soaps are made using Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide. This saponifies during the process with the oils and water and by the time your soap is a hard bar or finished liquid soap, the Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide has evaporated from the soap and has turned into bi products including glycerine.

Another name for the combination of Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide and Water is called Lye, or you will see it as "Saponified Oils".

A soap made without lye is made with either animal products like Tallow or a combination of detergents, surfactants and emollients from laboratory produced synthetics.  Technically, it does not therefore meet the definition of soap.

People are sometimes worried about Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide. In a properly made soap it is completely absent from the soap once you buy it. We are actually not required to disclose lye, or sodium hydroxide as an ingredient because it is no longer in the finished product, however Kahuku believes in full disclosure.

Sodium Hydroxide can actually be found in food, as it is used in curing processes, and also adds "crunch" to some products like Pretzels. 

Kahuku Products are free from animal products, detergents, and synthetically produced ingredients. 

Our soaps do not contain nasty ingredients which are scientifically proven allergens, neurotoxins, immunotoxiins, endocrine disruptors and recommended as just plain not good for you! We encourage you to rid your laundry and bathroom of products containing these:

Benzyl Alcohol: A synthetic chemical used as a preservative. A neurotoxin, allergen and immunotoxin. Best avoided.

Benzyl Benzoate: A synthetic chemical. Associated with endocrine disruption and possible neurotoxin. Wildlife and environmental toxicity. Caution advised. Derived from petroleum.

Benzalkonium Chloride: Petroleum derived, used as a preservative. Allergen of the Year 2004, suspected respiratory, liver, immuno and neuro toxin. Best avoided.

Cocamide DEA/MEA: Petroleum derived. Considered a carcinogenic, immunotoxin. Best avoided.

Cocamidopropyl betaine/CAPB: Derived from coconut or petroleum. Immunotoxin, very high risk of allergy. Best avoided.

Limonene: Plant derived, however considered a skin, eye and lung irritant. Wildlife and environmental toxin. Caution advised.

Parfum/Fragrance: Allergen, immuno and neurotoxin. Synthetic chemical. Some preservatives are allowed to be called Fragrance and companies use this to disguise preservatives. Considered best avoided.

PEG compounds: Petroleum derived. Considered allergen. Best avoided.

Phthalates: Petroleum derived. Banned in the EU. Linked to birth defects, damage to reproductive systems, endocrine, liver, kidney, developmental systems, immuno and neuro toxin, wildlife and environmental toxicity. Avoid!

Sodium Benzoate: Causes contact dermatitis, may damage DNA, neurotoxin, suspected damaging to cardiovascular, gatrointestinal, liver, kidneys and nervous systems. Derived from petroleum. Used as a preservative. Considered best avoided.

Sodium Metasilicate/Sodium Silicate: Derived from synthetic or mineral. Suspected liver toxicity. Caution advised.

Sodium laureth sulphates/SLES/Ether Sulphates: May be palm or petroleum derived. Skin allergen. Best avoided

Tetrasodium EDTA/EDTA/Edetic Acid and other similar names: Derived from petroleum, used as preservative. Caution advised.

Above classifications are taken from "Chemical Maze"

Kahuku is committed to keeping our shipping costs as low as we can.

We are further committed to the environment, waste, and sustainability.  This means we will not use courier bags, plastic wrap or cushioning, tape or any other non biodegradable product. 

Our shipping costs are flat across all New Zealand. All products have their own dimensions and weight and your shopping cart is calculated as a total and the shipping amount calculated from that. This is based on NZ Post's volume/weight calculations. All parcels are sent via NZ Post Courier, and are tracked. Signature is however NOT required.  Please check your cart before you complete and pay for your purchase

As a guide, they are as follows:

Bars of Soap, Single 450ml bottles

Usually around 8 bars of soap, or 1-3 bottles (Up to 3kg)

North Island $6.00

South Island $8.00

Liquid Soap More than 2-3 Bottles or More than 10 Bars Soap 


North Island Flat Rate $10

South Island Flat Rate $14

Over 5kg - More than 3 large bottles 

North Island Flat Rate $17.50

South Island Flat Rate $25

Please note that these rates are determined by the items in your shopping cart, and may differ to above.

No charge for returning the Zero.Refill bottles!

When ordering, we ask you to try to reduce the footprint created by shipping, and order multiple items.


If you are buying a 1 or 2 litre stainless steel refill bottle please be aware that these are used over and over and therefore may not be in pristine new condition. This will only be aesthetic, they will be fully functional, sterilised and safe to use. Our 500ml and 1L glass bottles are also used multiple times, although do not show the wear and tear.

When returning refill bottles to us:

1. Bottles must be returned in usable condition for full credit. Minor scratches, or dents which do not affect integrity of the bottle are acceptable. Glass bottles must not be chipped or cracked.

2. Bottles must be returned with their caps.

3. Please rinse out the bottles before returning.

4. Please use the box the bottles were sent to you in. This lowers the environmental impact and footprint of this service. 

5. If you need to order before returning bottles you will need to pay for the bottles again. When you return bottles without ordering you will get a store credit for the value of the bottle as follows:

Stainless Steel  

    1L  $15

    2L  $20

All Glass Bottles regardless of size receive a $0.25 credit

No cash refunds will be given.

6.  You do not have to return a bottle labelled with the same product you are ordering or the same size.

You can get a store credit on a 1L and use it to upgrade to a 2L paying only the difference.

7.  When ordering a return ticket, you must order 1 ticket per bottle returning. You will only receive one actual ticket per box* but this enables us to calculate correct shipping dimensions and weights for NZ Post.  *2 bottles per box.  

8.  If you no longer have the box we sent the goods in, you need to adequately protect the bottles (bags are not acceptable) by packing in a suitable box and send us the correct measurements and weight. 

9.  Orders will not be despatched until an equal number of bottles in matching sizes have been returned, unless you purchase a new set of bottles with your order and obtain a store credit when you return the bottles.

10. Store credits may only be used against the cost of bottles and may not be used for the liquids the bottles contain, or for any other products such as, but not limited to, hard bar soaps.

11. Your stainless steel bottle can last almost a lifetime if you look after it. Our program is designed to reduce the impact of consumer goods on our Earth, and reduce landfill. Please do not dispose of these bottles in landfill. They are 100% reusable many times over, and at end of life, 100% recyclable. Please return to us for recycling or take to your local metal recyclers. 

12. We give the bottles a 10 year life. This does not include the triggers or pumps.


It costs a little bit more to buy the bottles, but once you replace the bottles in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with our Zero.Refill bottles, you won’t buy another bottle again for many years to come!

The 450ml stainless steel bottle comes with a stainless steel pump/trigger.  You can refill it at home.  It is not returnable for refill (but you can always take it into one of stockists and refill it!)

The glass bottles can be optioned also with a plastic pump or trigger and all sizes can be returned.

1 Litre and 2L stainless steel sizes are returnable for refill under our Zero.Refill program (remember return freight is free of charge).

How to select correct option: (If buying Refills please note bottles may not be new - see T&C tab for conditions)

450 ml Bottles:  Stainless Steel bottle with pump. Not returnable for refill (you can refill them at home). Contains the Liquid Soap.

550 ml  & 1100ml Glass Bottles:  Glass bottle with cap containing the liquid soap. Can be returned for refill. (See T&C tab) When you return a bottle you will get a $0.25 Store Credit for each bottle

1 Litre Bottle:  Stainless Steel bottle containing the liquid soap, can be returned for refill. (See T&C tab) When you return a bottle you will get a $15 Store Credit

2 Litre Bottle:  Stainless Steel bottle containing the liquid soap, can be returned for refill.  (See T&C tab) When you return a bottle you will get a $20 Store Credit

"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi