Our precious pup used to itch and scratch when we bathed her with a "natural shampoo" and then one day we took a look at the ingredients.

And we were horrified.  The most natural ingredient in it was Citric Acid! Everything else was barely able to be pronounced, and totally lab based. 

So we formulated Roxy Dog Liquid Shampoo.

She is a rough coat long haired Border Collie and her coat is totally soft, shimmers when she moves, incredibly shiny and she doesn't itch.

While we won't make claims regarding fleas, it is designed for flea control, and she has not been de-flea'ed for over 1 year, and she doesn't have a single flea on her.  

So if you want a truly nourishing, plant based shampoo for your dog, we can highly recommend this.  We wouldn't use something on our precious pup that we didn't 100% trust and believe in.  

We recommend using our Dog Rinse afterwards to help rinse out the shampoo and neutralise the skin, especially when washing your dog often.

250ml = approx 10+ washes of medium size dog

No synthetic detergent agents, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fragrances or other nasty endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins or immunotoxins. Safe on the environment too.

Refill your dispenser bottles from this 2 Litre brushed stainless steel bottle.

Other sizes available: 

  • 450g Stainless Steel Dispenser Bottles with either stainless pump or plastic trigger
  • 1 Litre Stainless Steel refill bottles

The stainless steel will last forever without fear of breaking, retaining it's elegance and beauty, and when you are done, it will be 100% recyclable (you can return to us or take to your metal recyclers).

It costs a little bit more to buy the bottles, but once you replace the bottles in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with our Zero.Refill bottles, you will never buy another bottle again!

See the tab "Which Bottle" to decide what you need.

Please read T&C's tab before buying refill bottles.

"When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible" Mahatma Gandhi