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M@HI Nature Based Castile Cleaning Liquid Soap is a super versatile weapon in your cleaning line up!  Use it for your DIY Cleaning Recipes (not with vinegar).

It really is the original cleaner! 

It can be used as it is, scented, watered down to use in spray cleaners, have glycerine added to make a hand wash, and the list goes on. 

We do not recommend it is mixed with vinegar as the soap is alkaline, and vinegar is an acid. The combination of the two can separate the soap and make it curdle!  

Our special formula helps disperse grease, and dissolve food, stains, dirt, and grime. 

It is made with food grade oils ad other food ingredients, and is designed to keep skin soft - you're soaking in it!

Made by Kahuku Natural it is pure Coconut Oil Castile and does not contain any fillers, foaming agents, or synthetic preservatives.

Our formula is lovely and thick and not watery.

We recommend the essential oil added is no more than 1% of the total liquid soap.  We do not recommend synthetic fragrance oils as they may cause the soap to separate. 

Our Castile Soaps are from plant and vegetable oils using methods from centuries ago. Earth friendly, safer for you, kinder to the Earth.  We also have our bio based Eco range derived from plants.

 What we put in
What we leave out   
Food grade Vegetable Oils Cocamidopropyl Betaine CAPD
Essential Oils Cocamide DEA/MEA
Glycerine Limonene
Aloe Vera & Essential Oil Extracts which makes up our company blend of natural preservative
Palm Oil or any derivative products
Food grade pH adjusters
Synthetic fragrances

Animal Products 
Synthetic Preservatives
Full Product Ingredient List
Read indepth about these ingredients

Choosing Your Bottle Type:  
Bottle Material Size Reusability & End of Life
Stainless Steel Forever Bottle
Reuse at home. No return. 100% recyclable
Glass Bottles
500g & 1000g Reuse at home. No return. 100% recyclable
Stainless Steel Forever Bottle 2000g (2L) Reuse at home. Can be returned to us for reuse. We will pay freight for return. Earn 50 Reward Points per bottle returned. 100% recyclable
Zero Refill's amazing World First Silicone Loop Refill Bottle 600g

Return to us for reuse. We will pay freight for return. Earn 50 Reward Points per bottle returned. When it can't be reused anymore, return to us for end of life solution.  Watch our video here

Buy 2 or more 600g silicone refill bottles of the same soap type for a discounted price.

    Refill, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Zero Refill.  A Life Less Plastic!™