Our Scrub Clean Cleaner is a super effective cream cleaner. Our formula gives a gentle but effective scrub without scratching. 

You can use the Scrub Clean anywhere: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, window sills, spot cleaning floors, and it's a wonderful addition to cleaning the oven!

With a gentle aroma of lemon or choose unscented (select at checkout), your surfaces will be sparkling clean.

The ingredients are blended from our concentrated Washing Soda, Baking Soda, Kahuku Castile Liquid Soap, and Essential Oils.

Choose the size you want by selecting multiples of 100g in the quantity, eg 500g = qty 5. Minimum size is 300g

Our glass jar packaging can be:

Reused by you or someone else 

Returned for Reuse 

or Recycled

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